Linda Gillard

Contemporary fiction

Linda Gillard

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Award-winning Author of Contemporary Fiction

From her debut novel Emotional Geology, through the award-winning Star Gazing and Kindle bestsellers House of Silence and The Memory Tree, Linda Gillard has become a unique voice in contemporary fiction, producing novels that entertain, inform and defy categorisation. With their strong, troubled, often mature heroines and vulnerable heroes who will capture your heart, Linda's stories will stay with you for a long time - even if, like many of her reviewers, you find the books impossible to put down and read them in a single sitting.

From historical fiction to romantic comedy, no two novels are alike, but Linda's writing style is distinctive and always compelling. Her characters quickly become old friends and their moving stories will haunt you long after you've turned the last page.

"The emotional power in these novels makes this reviewer reflect on how Charlotte and Emily Brontë might have written if they were living and writing now."