Linda Gillard



Thanks to people who have helped...

Thanks must go to Bill Marshall ( who designed this website and was a great pleasure to work with. Amongst his many skills Bill numbers mind-reading, so he was able to come up with a website that complied exactly with my vague but ambitious specifications.

Bill is well-known in the book world as the designer of the legendary Dorothy Dunnett website.

The original paperback edition of EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY (Cover image - Adam Burton)

Thanks must also go to photographer Adam Burton, for his haunting cover image for the original Transita paperback of EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY which I'm sure had a lot to do with the success of the book. (The photo was actually taken on Rannoch Moor on the Scottish mainland.)

I've been looking at photos of the Highlands and islands for more years than I care to remember and Adam's are the best and most atmospheric I've seen. My first publisher, Transita directed me to his website to choose a cover image for EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY and that solitary tree (as mentioned in the Epilogue) selected itself. If you can't get to the Highlands, visiting Adam's website is a good substitute.

Liz Dexter, centre, pictured with a bevy of BookCrossers

Here seems to be an appropriate place to thank my many BookCrossing fans for their reviews, unstinting support and friendship over the years. BookCrossers in the UK, led by Birmingham's Liz Dexter, took a shine to my books in 2005 and with their characteristic enthusiasm, they've spread the word ever since, all over the world. Thanks, folks!

Visit to find out how you can "release" books into the wild - and catch them!

Linda pictured with her agent, Tina Betts

And finally... Since 2004 I've been represented by Tina Betts, my wonderful agent. Tina has been a loyal friend and advisor. When she couldn't find a publisher for my fourth novel, it was Tina who encouraged me to go indie, a decision vindicated by a massive increase in sales.

Amazon's publishing imprint, Lake Union eventually picked up one of my most popular indie novels, The Trysting Tree and re-published it as The Memory Tree. It became a Kindle bestseller.